​​​​​​​We offer sod installation, and reseeding.

SOD installation

Warm season grasses

- Zoysia: Zeon or Zenith

- Bermuda: TifTuf Bermuda or Bermuda 419 sod

- St Augustine Sod

- Centipede: TifBlair Centipede Sod

Cool season grass

- Elite Tall Fescue sod, or reseeding, or overseeding if already established.

Reseeding and Overseeding

-  Elite Tall Fescue reseeding new lawn, or aerating and overseeding established lawn

    to be done in Fall and Spring only.

How we install sod

All our installations include: grade or regrade (if needed), rake out smooth (remove old

grass and weeds), shape lawn area and beds, install milorganite fertilizer to condition soil.

Extra soil conditioning can be added (if needed).
Install the sod, water in and roll.

Watering of the new installed sod is left for the home owner to do. We recommend using an irrigation system to insure all areas of the new sod are watered properly and equally.

We purchase sod by the pallet. 1 pallet cover 500 sq ft. Calculate how many pallets you will need, click HERE.

What type of grass is best for your yard?

​Choose the type of grass that would be best for your property, depending on how much sun or shade your new sod will receive per day.

​Warm season grass varieties such as Centipede, Zoysia, St Augustine and Bermuda all thrive in full sun, while there are select warm season varieties that can survive in as little as 4 hours of sunlight per day, such as Leisure Time Zoysia. 
For areas with heavy shade, Elite Tall Fescue may be your best choice.

Full Sun: Zoysia, Bermuda, St Augustine, and Centipede sod

Mostly Sunny: Zoysia, Bermuda, St Augustine, and Centipede sod

Equal Sun & Shade: Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede, and Fescue sod

​Most Shade Tolerant: Fescue sod

​All pictures on this website were projects performed by Neighborhood Lawn Care.

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