​Long Needle Pine Straw

Lilburn family owned and operated company since 2000

(678) 851-2142

                            !!!! WE SELL FAST, CALL FOR AVAILABILITIES  FIRST!!!!


at our new location :

1132 Rockbridge Rd SW Stone Mountain GA 30087

Across from Aquatic Center, where the old "Greg Nursery" was.

Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm:

Call ahead for pickup or delivery - 678-851-2142 - Press #2 

We are short on staff. Please call ahead to insure we have someone on site

to help you load.

Sunday - Closed (no deliveries available).

- Price:

- $5.00 /Bail + tax 6% ​​

- Delivery (20 bails minimum), within 15 minutes of our location.

- $5.00 / bail + $25 Delivery fee* + tax 6%

- *Delivery fee of $25 covers 150 bails maximum at the time. Additional $25 applies per 150 extra

   bails ordered, as multiple trucks or deliveries will be necessary.

- Payments:

 - Credit card*, cash, check (ID# required), or Zelle payment.

  Credit card* fee applies to all pine straw sale (no minimum). Save on fees when you pay cash, check, or Zelle (use our email or

  number as recipient, may say Chris Wood).

  Due to high gas price (Diesel), deliveries must be within 15 minutes from our location.

- Installation (75 bails minimum)

- $8.75/ bails (includes labor and material) + delivery fee $25. Call for availabilities. 678-851-2142

How much a bail of pine straw covers?
One bail covers 64 sqft.

Where does your pine straw come from?

It comes from a Pine Straw Farm in Middle Georgia. it is the same Farm the previous business Greg's Nursery was using.

What is long needle pine straw?

All bales are clean and consistent in size with long needles. It has more resin in the needles making it our longest lasting and also our brightest in color.

What is the difference between long needle and short needle pine straw?
Long needle pine straw is termed such because the needles and slash (pinus elliottii and pinus palustris, respectively) are significantly longer, thicker, and coarser than those found in bales of short needle pine straw.