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Lilburn family owned and operated company since 2000



Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5pm.

1132 Rockbridge Road Stone Mountain GA 30087

Phone: (678) 851 2142


How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2000.

Is it a family owned business?

Yes! It is owned by Christopher and Stephanie Wood, who live in Lilburn GA.

Do you carry Liability and Workers Comp?

Yes! Click  HEREand download our proof of insurances. 

Are you hiring?

Please call us at 678-851-2142 to check.

Are you new owners of old "Greg's Nursery"?
No, Greg retired and we purchased the property from him. We are not related to him or his business.


Do you offer one time service?

Sorry. We do not offer one time lawn care service at this time. All our maintenance programs are under 12 month contact. However, we do offer yard cleanups.

Can you give me a lawn maintenance quote over the phone?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to give an estimate over the phone. Each yard is different and we do not have a fix price for lawn maintenance. Your rate will depend on the size of your property (lawn to be mowed) but also the numbers of trees you may have (leaves in the Fall season), numbers of shrubs, beds, is your yard leveled or inclined, etc... 

Can I skip my maintenance visit?

Yes, you may skip your weekly service and not be charged for it, if you give us a 48 hour notice. You will be charged for that visits if we do not receive at least 48 hour notice. A fee may apply if the property is overgrown when we resume.

What happens if it rains or if it is a Holiday on the day of my scheduled visit?

Every scheduled visit will be performed unless notified otherwise. Schedules are set to maximize performance; due to uncontrollable conditions such as weather and traffic we cannot specify an exact time of service and we reserve the right to change the scheduled date. We offer free maintenance visits along the year to obviate visits we might have to cancel due to the weather. Please check dates with us for other projects.

Do you mow the grass after it rains?

If the grass is too wet, we will not cut it, but we will focus on the rest of the yard and still perform service, unless advised otherwise. This service will still be consider as a full service.

Can you trim all my shrubs during one maintenance visit?

Your designated crew has a limited amount of time per property. They do as much as possible during each time. So if all the shrubs need trimming at same time, it may take several visits to get all the bushes trimmed. We leave to the crew the discretion to trim or not the shrubs and bushes during your service. Some may be done at another time of the year.

We offer cleanups if you wish to have all shrubs taking care of at same time.

Can you remove all the leaves during one maintenance service?

During Fall and Winter month, the crew priority is to blow the leaves off the grass. They usually mulch

them with the mowers, then blow the dust off the lawn. The extra leaves in the beds are cleaned up

little by little at each visits. 

We offer cleanups if you wish for us to remove all the leaves in one service.

Can I pick my service day?

We try to accommodate your preferred service day as much as we can, but unfortunately we have to adjust our scheduled with the numbers of properties we maintain per day. We apologize for any inconvenience. We reserve the right to change the scheduled date or service crew without notice, to accommodate our team' schedules with any event, or weather and/or Holidays.

Reasons why we may NOT be able to do your lawn maintenance as scheduled:

If it rains on the day of your service, we will come the next day available. We try not to skip services. But if we do skip your service, we offer free services along the year to compensate. Note that it very rarely happens. Snow may be the only reason we do not get to service at all. In case of snow, or long period of rain, and if more than 1 visit has to be skipped, we will credit your account for the visits not performed.
We may not mow the grass if it is wet from an earlier rain, but we will service the rest of the property. We will not service the property again if other services have been performed.
For all landscaping or hardscaping projects, the weather dictates if we can work or not. 
Our invoices show the dates your yard will be serviced. So please make sure that your property is ready for our crew to perform all services on your contract. All pets must be secured as to pose no threat to our service personnel. If the crew does not feel comfortable performing your service because your pet is in the yard, they will not perform service. If the service area is obstructed with furniture, Holidays decorations, flags, etc., the crew will service around it. We will not come back or refund your service. Keep in mind, we may come a or two day behind if it rained before or on your service date.
Please read "client's responsibility" below.


How much do you charge per hour for labor or cleanups?

We have a flat fee for cleanups and labor work: $165/hour, with a 8 hour minimum during Spring & Summer

(full day) and a 4 hour minimum during Fall and Winter (full day). 

How much is debris removal?

Debris removal from the property is an an extra charge of $225/ load (14 cubic yard dump truck)


Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Most projects require materials. We need your deposit to hold your dates on our schedule and to place the order for your materials, to assure your project will have all the materials needed on time.


Can you email me my invoice?

We encourage all our customers to "go green" and use emails for communication and invoicing.

Does my invoice show my scheduled maintenance visit date?

Yes, your monthly invoice shows when your weekly or biweekly visits are scheduled for the coming month. 

Are lawn maintenance invoices due up front, for the coming month?

Yes, you are billed for the coming month. Bill is due on the 1st of each month. Late after the 8th. 

Are any other projects due upon receipt?

Yes, other projects, beside lawn maintenance, are due upon receipt or within 7 days after work is performed.

How can I pay my invoice?

We accept money orders, checks (preferred) payable to Neighborhood Lawn Care. Use link on your invoice or for over the phone credit card payments, call us at 678-851-2142.

Save a stamp and drop your payment at our office at:​ 1132 Rockbridge Rd, Stone Mountain GA 30087.

We now accept Zelle® payments. Zelle® is a fast, safe and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family and others you trust. Look for Zelle in your banking app to get started. Use our email neighborhood-lawncare@comcast.net

​Find Zelle® in the mobile banking app of our partners. If you already have your banking app on your phone, there's no download necessary. If your bank or credit union doesn't offer Zelle® yet, just download the Zelle® app to get started.

​Can I pay by credit card over the phone?

Yes! For your convenience we can take credit card payments over the phone. Call us at (678) 851 2142 to pay your bills.

We offer automatic payment by credit cards, so you do not have to worry about paying your monthly invoice late. 

Do you charge a fee for Credit Card payments?
We do have a 3.5% convenience fee for payments over $500.

Whom do I write and where do I send my payment to?

Please make all checks or money orders, in US Dollars,  payable to:

Neighborhood Lawn Care, LLC and send to 1132 Rockbridge Rd, Stone Mountain GA 30087.

Please do not mail cash, thank you.

Why are my services suspended?
We will suspend our lawn maintenance services if the account is 2 billing cycle overdue (2 months of lawn maintenance). A fee may apply if the yard needs extra care once we resume. If you need to make payments, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange payment plan. We will resume services once full payment is received

Additional costs or services:
Client agrees to pay the charges specified on their estimate.  Estimates are our best estimation of cost, but they may be subject to any additions and/or deductions made pursuant to authorized change orders. 
Client is not required to be at home while service is performed, but the service area must be accessible and free of obstructions (lawn furniture, toys, trash, bio-hazardous materials, etc.) prior to the scheduled visit. All pets must be secured as to pose no threat to service personnel. If we find obstructions, we will service what we have access to and you will be charged for a full service.
Cables, wires, and irrigation:
N.L.C. will not be responsible for damaging any unsecured cables, wires, irrigation pipes or heads, lines etc., which are not installed deeper than 3" below ground level. Mowers should be able to pass over irrigation heads, cables and wires without making damages.

Plants health:
With lawn maintenance, we are not responsible of the maintenance of the plants, beside light trimming. We are not responsible for the health of the plants as we are not in control of the watering, weather, temperatures, fungus, insects and animals, or any other reason outside our control. Watering, feeding, and the health of the plants are at the client's responsibility. 
Gates and pets:
Our crews always do the best they can to close all backyard gates after work is performed. But it is to the client's 

responsibility to check if all gates are shut properly before letting their pets return back in the yard. N.L.C will not be responsible if pets escape the yard after service of property.


When and how can I cancel my lawn maintenance service?

Maintenance contracts can be cancelled without penalty with 90-day written notice before end of 12 month anniversary date, and 30-day written notice after anniversary date. Please send such notice by regular mail or email. Account must be paid in full prior to cancellation date. Termination does not remove your responsibility to pay all fees or costs in collecting any past due amounts, including costs of attorneys or a collection bureau, those fees and costs will be added to your balance.

We may, in our discretion, accept a 30-day or immediate cancellation notice for the following reasons*: You or your spouse are active military and transferred out of the local area, you sold your property, unemployment, sickness and/or death.

*We may ask for proof for early cancellation. A termination fee may apply if cancellation notice is not given.

Rude clients and comments will not be tolerated, we reserve the right to cancel your services immediately if you are rude to our staff or crew members.

How can I cancel my project?

Cancellation must be in a written notice, sent by email or regular mail. A penalty of 15% of the entire project amount will be held on deposit if project is canceled. Materials that have been purchased, and or delivered cannot be refunded.


How do I make a complaint or a damage claim?

We encourage that you contact us asap if you have a concern. Notified us by emailor call us at 678-851-2142 within 48 hours of any damages caused by N.L.C’s. employees while performing work (via phone call for minor problems and in writing for more serious issues). In most cases, N.L.C. will address the problem within two to five business days after receiving client’s request. In some cases it may take longer, depending on circumstances beyond N.L.C.'s control (such as, but not limited to: weather, inappropriate time of year to correct the turf or landscape problem, or non-availability of materials).

N.L.C. is not responsible for damaging any unsecured cables, wires, irrigation pipes or heads, lines etc., which are not
installed deeper than 3" below ground level.

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