NLC gives back!

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      We give back and help our community the best we can. We donate money, time, materials and expertise to local programs, associations, and schools. We believe that supporting our community is important, and we like to know that our effort benefit children in our community. That is why we usually donate our services to local schools, after school programs and associations.

​     2023

     To kick off 2023, we choose to sponsor a local soccer team. We choose this specific team because a good number of our employees are playing in that team. We are happy and proud to support them.

​     In February, we donated 10 bales of premium long needle pine straw delivered (a $75 value), to the Camp Creek Elementary School Silent Auction, in support of the CCES PTA.  NLC is a Camp Creek ES PTA 2022/2023 sponsor.

​     In March, we repaired the baseball bases on field 6 at the Mountain Park Park. They were sinked in and the players were not able to slide easily. Now all bases are ready for the next game!

​     In April, we sponsored the board meeting of RamsGate HOA, who is one of the HOAs we

do the lawn maintenance for. We provided drinks and snacks for their board members. 

Also, we volunteered for the Mountain Park Association Earth Day event at the park.

Stephanie created the ad for the park, and Christopher was leading the volunteers to

beautify our park. Check our Facebookpage for pictures. 

​     In May, we paid the cafeteria's outstanding balances for Camp Creek Elementary School in Lilburn, as we believe no child should worry about lunch money. 

Also, Christopher and our highschooler Summer helper Rashaan installed, at Mountain Park, a soft railing around the BBQ stand to protect the public from the heat and oil of the BBQ. The soft railing is at the colors of Parkview blue and orange, see pictures below!

​     2022

​     In 2022, we sponsored Wyndbrooke Elementary in Stone Mountain. We created a planting area for the children to learn about nature and grow their own plants and veggies.

​     Last Fall 2022, we paid the cafeteria's outstanding balances for Camp Creek Elementary School in Lilburn, as we believe no child should worry about lunch money. 
We let one of the local boy Scout troop use our office for their monthly meetings.
​     Christopher is a volunteer baseball coach for the 12U league. He is also the Landscape Director of the Mountain Park Athletic Association and volunteer his services and expertise for the Park. If you wish to volunteer with him, and participate in the Park landscape's work, you can contact him at
​     Stephanie worked with other local moms to collect periodic goods and change of clothings, for the clinics of our local Middle and High schools to provide our teen girls with the products they need. 

     If you wish to apply for our "give back program". Please email Stephanie at and let us know in details how we can help and why you should receive a donation.