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​Hardscape work: 
- installation of flag stone - 4 tons installed
- Mondo grass patio approx size 15/20 -

35 flats of Mondo Grass
- Install rest in mulch brown hardwood 5 yards

Installation and repairs:

drain work, piping down spouts under ground, erosion control grading,

water shed management, dry creek beds.

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Drain Work Projects


This project below was a full landscaping project with drain work, grading and plants. The foundation of the house needed water control. So we excavated soil and sealed the foundation.

​Drain work:
2 days labor to remove plants on side of house, excavate soil away from the foundation seal it with a plantable rubber foundation sealer. Then reinstall the soil regrade and re install plants.
Redo downspout drains with 54' PVC 105' feet with 9 fittings
3 down spouts connectors, 3 tees with cap, 3 tees

Back fill 3 yards of top soil to right side regrade
Install 15 stepping stones and
24 flats of monkey grass , 5 yards of mulch


This project below was a full landscaping/hardscaping project with design, tree work, drain work, grading, stone work, plants and mulch installation.

​Our original design had a larger stone area, but the homeowner wanted his dogs to have a bigger play area and didn't want much maintenance. So we reduced the stoned area and gave the dogs more mulch to run and play in. Did you notice the "dog's bathroom" on design?

Tree and Landscaping work:
- Tree removal
- Plants and flowers installation

​Drain Work installation:
-French drain system, 100' of pipe
-One 12" drain box
- 3 yards gravel 
- 100' landscape fabric