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​Long Needle Pine Straw

                         !!!!NOW AVAILABLE !!!!



at our new location :

1132 Rockbridge Rd SW Stone Mountain GA 30087

Across from Aquatic Center, where the old "Greg Nursery" was.

Open hours:

Tuesday to Friday - 8 am to 5 pm

Saturday - 8 am to 4 pm

Sunday and Monday - Closed

- Price:

- Credit card, cash, or check (ID# required).

- $5.00 /Bail + tax 6% ​​

- Delivery

- $5.00 / bail + $25 Delivery fee (15 miles radius) + tax 6%. 

- Installation

- Call to see if it is available. Thank you. 678-851-2142

​What is long needle pine straw?

All bales are clean and consistent in size with long needles. It has more resin in the needles making it our longest lasting and also our brightest in color.

What is the difference between long needle and short needle pine straw?
Long needle pine straw is termed such because the needles and slash (pinus elliottii and pinus palustris, respectively) are significantly longer, thicker, and coarser than those found in bales of short needle pine straw.