​​​​We offer 3 full lawn maintenance programs:

Weekly (once a week) or Biweekly (every 2 weeks) or Weekly Spring & Summer and Biweekly Fall & Winter 

Our monthly maintenance has a flat prorated price through a 12 month period. Your bill never varies, no surprise charges.

Monthly Maintenance includes:

- Lawn Mowing 

- Edging lawn and beds

- Weed eating property

- Blowing property

- Blowing common areas (for commercials and HOA properties)

- Removing leaves and debris (as needed)

- Trimming shrubs and hedges (as needed)

- Trimming Crepe Myrtles (in Winter)

- Shape Ivy (if any)

​- Spraying weeds* in pine straw beds​ only (as needed)

Other maintenance services available upon request:

This services are not includes in the maintenance program

and are extras you can request at any time.

- Reel mowing (warm season grasses)

- Irrigation maintenance and repairs

- Annuals, pine straw and mulch "refresh" installation

​- Aerating and overseeding

- Tree maintenance, tree diagnosis...

* For Turf Care (weeds and feed) please contact our partner Executive Turf Care at (678) 580-0071 or log on 

Serving Metro Atlanta GA

​Lawn Maintenance / Lawn Care

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